Why Your Sales Funnel Needs Your Attention Now

Did you know that there’s ONE tool that can take your customers on the full journey from first seeing your ad to purchasing your product or service?


It’s called a sales funnel.

The reason it’s called a funnel is because of the shape.

At the top of the funnel it’s very wide and broad. That is where you have everybody and their brother looking at your stuff and wondering if it’s right for them.

As the funnel gets narrower, more and more people looking at your stuff decide it’s not for them. This concept of getting further and further down into your funnel, and eventually down into the little stem, represents the number of people who stay with you and ultimately decide to buy one of your products. Or many of them.

You may have a thousand people at the top of the funnel that see your ad, and you may have 10 or 20 right at the bottom that become a customer. And those 10 or 20 went through every single step in a funnel just like the one shown above.

And that’s what your customer journey is.

Now here’s where the tech-y bit kicks in.

Once you’ve determined your customer’s buying journey, you can get to building this funnel. This will involve creating all the assets, such as the ads, emails, freebies, etc., but you will also need to link them all together in a process that’s seamless and takes the customer from A (seeing your ad for the first time) to Z (making a purchase).

For instance, you might start with an ad for a free ebook for which the customer has to enter their email address. Their email address would then be added to a list that sends a link to the ebook, and a series of follow-up emails. Each email is designed to increase the interest in your paid product, and the last one would invite them to (and hopefully result in) a purchase.

Now imagine if all this could happen without you having to lift a finger? It can, and it will, just as long as you build your end to end sales funnel correctly.

In my upcoming program I go into detail about how to map your customer’s journey using a funnel, how you can get your customer to Know, Like, Trust and Buy from you and how to make your very own end to end sales funnel. Without delegating, without use of a third party, without headaches.

This is something that you can do. And when you do, once it’s “turned on”, it will automatically bring you new leads and sales every day, week, or month, depending on how you model your funnel. Now think about all the time you’ll save!

To get started, think about your customer’s buying journey. Draw a map. And come join us in the Facebook group to talk about it.

Knowing your customer’s journey is the first step to a more automated, more efficient business, so go on and get started!


  1. Patricia Hinschberger July 10, 2019 at 3:11 pm

    This is exactly what I need. Thank-you. I read everything. Started reading and did not stop. Great info.

    1. Lisa P July 10, 2019 at 4:55 pm

      Thanks Patricia, I’m so glad it helped you!


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