Serve a Million People

About five years ago I saw this saying: “Serve a Million People.”

It was probably in a book or article I was reading. I remember thinking at the time, “Yeah, that’s not me, I’m not on a mission to save the world or anything.”

But the saying stuck with me for a long time. It kept creeping up on me, popping into my consciousness every now and then.

I ended up writing it on a 3×5 card and tacking it to my corkboard wall, where it stayed for a long time. Years. Over time, it just became part of me, despite my negative self-talk and lack of confidence that I could actually affect a million peoples’ lives.

To me, it’s about being on purpose. By that I mean living my life according to my purpose. Everything I do should feel like it ties back to the reason I am here. I won’t go into why I think I’m here (maybe a future blog post), but it doesn’t matter. This is not about me, it’s about using purpose to find your niche.

Let me tell you why I now believe I can serve a million people.

I’m super passionate about health and nutrition. I love to cook, eat healthy, exercise, and I make no excuses when I tell others how I stay healthy and how they could too. In fact I can really get on my high horse about not eating processed food, to the point where people will roll their eyes and tune out. It’s OK, I’m not offended, I’m just trying to help.

But I’m not a nutrition expert. I have no training, no education (except for being a voracious reader), no experience in nutrition or health care. And I don’t have any desire to be.

But I am a tech expert. And I’ve decided that I can help a lot more people get healthy as a tech expert than as a health expert.


How do I do this? How do I use my tech expertise to help people get healthy?

I use my tech skills to help people who help people get healthy. This is what’s called being an “enabler.”

I help people in the field of nutrition and wellness use technology to spread their word and serve more clients. The more of these people I can help with their technology, the more people they can reach and help with their message and their services.

I help a lot of service professionals build digital products. A good percentage of people I help are (or will be) health and wellness coaches. By doing what I do, I’m helping all those coaches’ clients as well. And those clients — when they are helped and feel better and get healthier — that affects their lives in countless ways. They are happier, they have better lifestyles, they teach their kids better habits, they live longer, and they talk about their success to friends and family members, who then get motivated to get healthy as well. 

The ripple effect.

I can definitely serve a million people with what I do.

This is what drives me every day.

What do you do? How are you helping your clients help their clients? How are you changing the world?


  1. Gerry Gleeson July 31, 2019 at 9:14 pm

    Hi Lisa
    I like your thought processes in this email that I have just received from you!

    I have myself just written and published a book that I hope will help a lot of people too.

    I have a website that went ‘live’ yesterday 31st July 2019; {url removed} that you may, or may not, care to have a look at to get a bit of an idea of what I am trying to do, and whether you can assist.

    I will now have a look through your website to see if you can assist in some way with my objectives.

    Thank you for your business, and good luck with all that you do!

    Warm Regards,

    Gerry Gleeson

    1. Lisa P August 11, 2019 at 9:53 am

      Thank you Gerry. Best of luck with your book!


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