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Simple Strategies for High Converting Landing Pages

Six months ago, a friend came to me with a problem:

“Lisa, I don’t understand it. I’m having trouble generating more leads! I create tons of valuable content, but it doesn’t seem to convert to leads. What’s the problem?” 

I’ve known countless businesses deal with the same dilemma as her. They pour all their efforts and money into producing great content and ads. But even though they keep coming out with quality content, the leads just don’t come in.

In many cases, the problem is this: Your potential customers don’t know where to go or what to do!

In the vast digital sea full of distractions, you only have seconds to transform people who are merely browsing into people who would potentially buy from your business.

If you don’t make a potential customer’s journey easier, they will quickly move on to the next best content out there (and you do not want to lose a potential customer to a viral cat video.)

So how do you shift initial curiosity into full-blown interest?

Here’s my solution: A great landing page

The lay of the land 

So what exactly is a landing page

When a potential customer sees your promotion — via social media, blog posts, email, Google ad, etc. — and clicks on it, they are redirected to a standalone web page called the landing page. The landing page drives a certain course of action from your potential customers, and so is an integral part of your marketing campaign (more on this in a little bit).

Why is such a page crucial for your business?

An effective landing page will help you:

  • Generate more leads. A great landing page will not only bring traffic, but will also allow you to gauge your visitor’s interest in your product or service.
  • Collect valuable data. An effective landing page incents your customers to provide you with personal information. You can then use that information to put your ads in front of similar people who have the same interests and characteristics. You can also use the data to know which offer works and which doesn’t so you can improve your marketing for future campaigns.
  • Get prospects to take action. People often have indecisive moments where they hesitate to commit to an offer. A good landing page will answer objections and help visitors to decide to take action on your offer. It will also help filter out those who aren’t interested, so you don’t focus your time on them.

Anatomy of a landing page

So hopefully you can see by now that a landing page is a critical component of your marketing strategy.

So where do you start?

So glad you asked!

The landing page has three basic components:

The main “lander”

The main lander is composed of five essential sections:


The headline is at the top of the page, and will be the first thing your visitors see when “landing” on your page.

A good headline can be enough to make a visitor stay on your page, and a bad headline can just as easily make them leave. So your headline should be not only “snappy” but also simple enough that your visitors can easily understand what they’re going to get if they read it.

Best of all, a good headline piques their interest, meaning it makes them want to keep reading because it makes a promise that will help them either gain information they seek, or helps them solve a problem that’s holding them back.


When a visitor clicks on your paid ad regarding an offer or free resource you’re giving away, we can assume that they want to know more about what you are offering. 

This is your chance to explain to your visitors why your offer is valuable to them.

It’s tempting to go into information overload and bombard them with too much text. Resist! This will overwhelm your visitors and they will run away fast!

When explaining the benefits, always remember to keep it:

  • Short. A cluttered page is the enemy when it comes to landing page copy. Use bullet points to show clear takeaways and reduce large blocks of texts into one or two-sentence paragraphs.
  • Simple. The information should be easily digestible — no big words! (Big words don’t make you sound smart.) Stripping your copy down to only what’s important and necessary will make your lander easy to skim through and understand. 
  • Attention-worthy. As the famous marketing saying goes, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Make it clear to your audience what problems you are addressing and how your offer helps solve them.


Visually appealing photos or videos isn’t just about adding “eye candy” to your landing page. Good placement of photos or videos helps visitors gain understanding on your offer. 

What I like to do with my landing page (that most people usually don’t) is add an actual photo or video of me.

Why a personal photo or video? 

This adds a layer of authenticity to your landing page and lets people know there is a friendly face behind the business. A photo or video can help create trust and connection between a potential customer and you.  

Social proof

It’s human nature to hesitate before trying something for the first time— a new haircut, a new job, a new activity or a new product.

When you don’t really know much about it, you do as much research as you can. But still, it always feels like there’s not enough information to make a decision. 

So… we look to others who have already tried it.

According to Strategic Factory, a whopping 92% read customer reviews before they make a purchase. This makes total sense— who better to trust than the customer who has already gone through the same buyer ordeal as us?

Adding customer testimonials to your landing page is a great way to build credibility and assure viewers of your brand or product’s quality. 

Call-to-action (CTA)

As I have mentioned earlier, a landing page’s main purpose is to prompt a course of action from the potential customer.

What type of action are we talking about?

That depends on what you want your potential customers to do!

With a CTA, you can ask your visitors to:

  • Fill out a form
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Register for an event
  • Contact you
  • Download a free resource
  • Get a free trial
  • Make a purchase
  • And many other actions

Just remember to be consistent and straightforward with your CTAs. Just stick to one CTA per landing page. So you’ll want to decide which CTA will help you achieve your goals before you start building your landing page.

2. Opt-in Box

The opt-in box is critical when your goal is to grow your email list.

In exchange for the free resource you are offering (i.e. cheat sheet, templates, guide, quiz, webinar, etc.), a visitor will provide their contact information to you using an opt-in box

This simple exchange of information acts kind of like virtual currency. They PAY you for your offer by providing their email address. Optionally you can ask for their first name as well. I like to do this so that I can address them by name in my email messages. But you really don’t need any more than that. 

The important thing is to keep it simple! The simpler and easier it is for them, the more email addresses you will get.

Once your visitor completes the opt-in box, it transforms them from an anonymous website visitor into a sales lead. Success!

Just one more step and your landing page is complete. It’s a small one but it can make a big difference, so read on…

3. Thank you page

Many people think a thank you page is just the words “thank you” displayed on the page after your prospect submits their email.

Yes, if you’re rushed for time and need to get your landing page out the door fast, you can get away with this… temporarily. (I’ve done this myself!)

But here’s the thing: an effective thank you page can do so much more for your brand than just demonstrate appreciation.

It can help people stay engaged with your brand or product. And that’s incredibly valuable as a longer term strategy.

At this point, your leads are already “sold” on your offer. This is what we call a “moment that matters.” They’ve just opted into your list. They have expectations that you will deliver on your promise and help solve their problem. 

They are waiting for you to lead them to the next step!

Whoa! This is the PERFECT time to ask them to take another action, and move them further along in your funnel.

So what are some things that would be natural for your visitors to do next?

How about asking your visitors to…

  • Read your blog posts
  • Check out your FB group
  • Share your content
  • Sign up for a waitlist on your new program
  • Opt in to yet another free resource
  • Accept a gift (no “virtual payment” required)

So many things you could do. Ultimately you could even test different CTAs on your thank you page and optimize which ones work best. (Pssst! We have a whole module on landing page optimization in the Launch Success Club!)

So… You’ve accomplished the daunting task of converting a visitor into a lead. Now it’s time to  seize the opportunity to carefully nurture your lead further into the buyer journey right at the moment that matters (when they are into you).

Stick the landing 

There’s an art and a science to creating high-converting landing pages, especially if this is new to you.

It often takes quite a few trial-and-error attempts before you build one that ends up being super effective. Personally, I’ve never gotten my landing page perfect out of the gate. NEVER.

But with deliberate optimization efforts, my landing pages consistently get 70% or higher conversion rates.

Do you know what the industry average is? 30%.

Not kidding. Google it and see for yourself.

I’ll repeat. I get 70% or higher conversion rates.

My 20 years of experience as a product launch expert has taught me the difference between a landing page that gets “decent” results, and one that has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry against competitors.

In my membership program, “Launch Success Club”, I share with you my exclusive tips to building powerful landing pages that will stick the landing with every page visitor.

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