How I Went From Struggling to Successful, Almost Overnight

Last year I went through some serious health issues. I’m really big into nutrition and was able to successfully heal several of my inflammation-related issues by changing my diet.  So I started a group coaching program to help others in a similar situation learn how to cook and eat properly to heal their inflammation.

I invested a lot of time into building the curriculum and support materials, and four lovely women joined the pilot program. I was going through a marketing training program at the time that was teaching me how to build this program and market it.

I spent months and thousands of dollars educating myself and running Facebook ads.

Yet… It just never felt quite right. I was not at all confident that I could help these women.

I agonized about why this didn’t feel good to me. And in the end my group members must have felt it too. None of them got any significant results, outside of learning how food causes inflammation. Which anyone can read about on the internet.

At one point I was wondering whether this whole business model was right for me at all. I was ready to give it all up, go back to focusing on my day job, and find a way to be ok with all the money I spent.

And then it just kind of came to me. Why was I trying to be a health expert? I’m not a health expert, I’m a technology expert. Yes, I’m passionate about health and nutrition, but I’m no expert, nor do I really want to be one. Otherwise I’d be in the healthcare field! What I really loved was using technology to make people’s lives better.  It’s what I’ve been doing for 30 years.

I decided to scrap the wellness coaching program and changed my focus to helping other coaches use technology to create six-figure online coaching programs.

Just like that.

And almost overnight I had 4 clients.

I was suddenly completely aligned with my purpose and passion. All my messaging, everything I said and did, was part of that alignment. And I attracted enough clients to pay off my investment within 3 months.

Are you not seeing the results you’d hoped for? Take a hard look at your niche, and make sure it aligns with your core values and passions.

To find out if you’re in alignment, you can ask yourself some simple questions:

  • What do people most often ask my advice about?
  • If I didn’t need to make money from this, would I still do it anyway? Why?
  • What could I do all day long and not get tired of it?
  • If somebody asked one of my close friends what I am really good at, what would they say?

If you’re still not sure, I highly recommend the book “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. I’ve read it a dozen times and bought countless copies for friends and colleagues. It helped me get really clear about what I am great at (what the author calls the “Zone of Genius”), and that’s what helped me get that alignment I so needed.

I’ve been in this new niche for about a year and I’ve never once questioned my ability to succeed, or thought about changing to something else.

Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t realize this sooner. I think I was just so wrapped up in my health issues that I wasn’t paying attention to where my heart was from a vocational perspective. Once I had some distance from my self-absorption, and started looking at what was going on around me, I noticed that a lot of the other coaches in my marketing program were being held back by the tech. And I thought, “hey I can help!” I had my own internal agitation that was blinding me to my true purpose. Once I started to release that I got clarity.

Everyone’s blinders are different, but they can be overcome with a little self-searching.

Interested in using technology to create an online coaching business? Check out my eBook, “3 Pillars to a Successful Digital Product Launch.”

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