Learn How to Create an Online Business

On January 9th, 2020 we are kicking off the all new Tame Your Tech learning program and membership site, called “Digital Launch Accelerator.” This new program will cover the end-to-end process of building an online information business, focusing on how to set up the technical components.

When the entire end-to-end program is ready (targeting January 2020), it will walk you a complete step-by-step breakdown of the three stages of automating your online marketing.

Stage I: Design and Plan
Stage II: Integrate and Automate
Stage III: Launch and Learn

During the step-by-step system you’ll learn exactly how to plan out, and then implement, all of the platforms you need to launch a successful information product.

The unique system we’ve developed for you is a combination of two proven product delivery strategies. This approach guarantees you will get your product launched faster and with less headaches than your competition (who are not using our system!).

The program will include a huge library of pre-built templates and sequences that are practically plug and play. Simply choose the template, place it in your funnel, adjust the content for your needs, and you’re done!

Here are the three stages broken down for you.

Stage I – Design and Plan

In this foundational phase you will learn a proven method to design a marketing system that resonates with your customers. You will also gain the skills to help you hyper-focus your efforts on the most valuable activities that will get your product launched FAST.

Stage II – Integrate and Automate

After the design stage is complete, you will execute your plan and build your automated marketing system. Using our step-by-step instructions and pre-built templates, you’ll set up each piece of your funnel and watch your business come to life!

Stage III – Launch and Learn

After wrapping up a few details, you’ll flip the switch and your digital product will go live. At this point your marketing system will be automatically bringing in new sales or leads. Most importantly, you’ll know exactly what to monitor to identify what you need to modify in order to increase your results.

Ongoing Support – Test, Learn, and Grow

Once you’ve launched, you’ll learn very quickly what things need to be revised and tweaked. If you choose to join our ongoing membership program, you’ll learn exactly what to look for, how to measure results, and how to quickly make changes to see rapid, significant improvements in your success rates.

Our team of experts will continue to support and guide you, and you’ll continue to master digital launch strategies and techniques with fresh relevant content every month.

Ongoing topics include Google Ads and Google Analytics, video marketing, web design principles, WordPress mastery, outsourcing, A/B testing, advanced email marketing, lead magnets, list building, membership sites, and much much more.

You’ll gain new valuable skills every single month to help you grow your business and create better products to help your customers. And best of all, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Are you ready to join us? Awesome! Join the waitlist today, and we’ll let you know when the new program opens up.