3 Mindset Shifts to Release Tech Anxiety

Is tech creating a barrier for you to start your business? Or maybe you’ve started to (finally) get comfortable with it, but you still feel like you’re using a shotgun approach? 

Your tech anxiety may be minor, or it may be huge.  Either way, I want to help you get through it so you can make massive progress in launching your business or your next product.

Can I share a quick story with you…?

When I was in college I majored in Psychology. Before we could get to all the fun courses that focused on our field of study, we had to take a bunch of “core” courses, of which computer science was one. This was 1979 so computers hadn’t made it to the masses yet. 

I had no desire to learn technology. It had pretty much zero usefulness in everyday life back then.

Regardless… I had to take this stupid course that had NOTHING to do with psychology but some accrediting body decided it was important I know this. 

I got a D. 

It was boring and hard and meaningless.

A couple of years after I graduated I found myself out of work. I was desperate so I grabbed a temp job doing data entry for an education company that was converting study books into software for schools. As I was performing this tedious brainless job, my mind yearned for creativity and meaning in the work.

And I started to figure it out. 

I started absorbing what I was typing. I started getting familiar with the language and wondering how it all worked.

I started asking why we did it this way instead of that way. And as I learned, it evolved into this logical, beautiful thing. It started to make sense, and ultimately I made it my chosen career.

I know you don’t want a career in tech — that’s not why I’m telling you this story. 🙂

What I figured out all those years ago is that there’s logic here. This is beautiful, creative, logical stuff. It does make sense, and you don’t need to be “techy” to understand it. I was definitely not techy back then. I was just curious.

This leads me to shift number 1…

Shift #1: Anyone can learn this language

You may think you have a tech block. You may even use it as an excuse to not move forward because you have other blocks. But I want to help you get over THIS block.

At the very bottom of it all, it’s 1’s and 0’s. Then there are a bunch of “if this then that” statements. So it’s just a very simple language, with vocabulary and syntax and a way to string the words together so they make sense. Like any foreign language, but without conjugating any verbs (yay that!).

You don’t need to learn any programming languages. You only need to learn the terms, and what they mean, and how things fit together. That’s all you need to know to be able to do this.

It’s a little like music. Music is a language. It’s got words, notes, frets, instruments. Independently they mean nothing and can be quite confusing, even chaotic. But put them together in a certain way and the result is so beautiful it can make you cry. 

You’re not expected to know how to make music inherently. Or how tech works. Music and technology are actually very similar.  They are both very logical, and relatively simple.  You just need to learn from a good teacher.

Get curious. Learn it. I can help make it simple for you if you’re open-minded.

Shift #2: Embrace it

You need technology for your business. This is the new world and it’s the only way to be successful because you need to use technology to spread your message and impact lives. 

Your entire business will be built on technology. So instead of resisting it, embrace it as part of your new world of having an online business. 

You also have to learn marketing, figure out how to make a project plan, design the products and programs you’re offering, and write advertising copy. You need to know how to keep your accounting books and take payments and get on sales calls. You’ll probably be uncomfortable with some, maybe most, of these activities. They’re all part of doing business.

So is the tech. It’s part of doing business.

Learn to LOVE it. Thank it. Apologize to it for being so harsh with your thoughts about it all these years. If it wasn’t for technology you wouldn’t HAVE a business. Be grateful for it. Be friends with it.

Shift #3: Start small

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ve heard me say this over and over.

If you take anything away from this article, this is it.

Start with the smallest set of systems you need. Don’t get the big expensive system with all the bells and whistles “just in case” you need it someday. 

What does your business look like on paper RIGHT NOW? What parts of your business require some kind of software application in order to work? What exact things does that application need to do in order to support those activities? 

Spend some time thinking through this. It’s really important to focus on getting the minimum amount of technology needed to support those critical parts of your business right now.

Here’s an example…

Every business needs to be able to take payments from customers. Exactly what system you need to support this need depends on how your business works. If you have an online store you need shopping cart software (e.g. Woocommerce) integrated with a payment processor (e.g. Stripe). If you are a coach selling one on one coaching packages on sales calls, you need a simple virtual terminal (PayPal).

These two solutions look VERY different, both in cost and the amount of effort needed to set them up. You don’t need to buy a complicated system that helps you build an online store if you’re only taking credit cards over the phone. Think minimum. If you implement minimum systems you will not get overwhelmed.

[Here’s my free guide that covers this shift in more detail.]

So… to recap, the three critical mindset shifts to help you get over your tech anxiety are:

  1. Learn the language
  2. Embrace it
  3. Start small

Join the Tame Your Tech FB group if you have any questions. Ask the community for help with your tech. I’m there to help as well. See you there!

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